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We are dedicated to give you the right driver's training and the right instructions in the classroom. We train a number of individuals per year through our skilled instructors team.
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New Driving Instruction

New Driving Instructions

We provide exceptional driving instruction services to adults/teenagers alike. We use Curriculum and Adminstrative Guide for Driver Education approved by (DMV) in Virginia.

Student Reviews

  • "Syeda was a really good instructor. She's funny and she taught me a lot about how to drive like parallel parking and changing lanes more smoothly. She's really relaxed too so she doesn't yell at you when you make a mistake."

    driving is fun !
    Sarah j

  • "I recently passed my road test, and would highly recommend this school for drivers at all levels. My instructor Syeda was very knowledgeable about all the requirements for the road test, extremely patient and attentive to details. She made it very easy for me to learn and to get my license."

    This school is GREAT!
    Soloman V

  • "Hi everyone, I loved learning from Syeda. It was really enjoyable. I have a lot of good things to say about her but I don't know where to start. First of all she teaches defensive driving. I got my license awhile ago and I have never been in an accident or have gotten a ticket. Whenever I was in her car I always had an excellent time. I also have learned a lot from her. She teaches a lot of maneuvers like parallel parking, backing up, or sharp turns. She taught me how I should be polite to other drivers on the street and respect them. I strongly recommend her to everyone. Take advantage and go to her, you wont regret it. I can guarantee that."

    She really is the best!
    Stacey w.

  • "I hated driving earlier even I knew how to drive. It was like a frustrating job for me. I was too much worried that what will happened if I did something wrong until I start learning with Syeda"
  • "Highly recommended for teenagers. My three children learned with Syeda. John is 20 year old now. He is very careful driver, never got ticket and never been in accident. She is very nice and knowledgeable lady.My daughter sarah, NOT EASY TO TEACH. after learning with Syeda she is a good driver and she learned how to drive defensively"
  • "Choosing driving instructor was hard for me for my teenager. Tina , my daughter did behind the wheel with Syeda. She is outstanding instructor. She taught everything my daughter need to learn. She is very good driver. I can trust her so I can trust Syeda. Thanks God. It¿s a big investment for the rest of her life."


  • "I learned driving with Syeda. She is very good instructor. She has several ways to explain one thing. She keep explaining differently until you really learn it. I definitely recommend going for driving lesson with Syeda . (If you want to be a good driver.)"

    Stacey Walker

Drivers education

Driving Classes

We provide high-quality training in classroom. The emphasis in the classroom is the protection against tickets and accidents, we are capable of giving you the full spectrum of driving knowledge.

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Syeda Driving School reputation is built on: honesty, quality and consistency. This is derived from years of experience gained in the driver training industry twinned with a commitment to deliver only the best for candidate and right person on the road.

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